The Yew Tree Cottage Round
A lovely walk in the Cotswolds

Start location:  Yew Tree Cottage, Turkdean
O.S. Map ref:  SP 10699 17484

Yew Tree Cottage, Turkdean
Yew Tree Cottage, Turkdean in May

Map used:  Ordnance Survey Explorer OL45

Countryside Code: please remember to follow the Countryside Code and show respect for the countryside.  In particular, always keep dogs on their leads where there are grazing animals. Leave all gates as you find them either open or shut.  Last but not least, don’t forget to take your rubbish and empty bottles home for disposal.

Dress: appropriate clothing should be worn for the time of year and weather conditions, but stout shoes or light walking boots are recommended.  Don’t forget to tell someone the route that you are going to take before you leave and provide some indication of the time you expect to return.

Refreshments:  there are no cafés on the route so walkers should carry sufficient refreshment for a walk that should last 4-6 hours.  The Plough Inn at Cold Aston may be open for food and refreshment depending on the time of day (they are closed on Sunday evenings and all day Monday.)

Key Features:  This is an easy walk along well-defined tracks and footpaths passing through typical Cotswold countryside with its lovely villages, beautiful rolling hills and vales, grazing animals and an abundance of local wildlife.

The route takes in parts of the Diamond, Sabrina, Gloucestershire and Macmillan Ways. (N.B: each of these is classed as a long distance path.)  By studying the map it is easy to look for a suitable path to shorten the walk if preferred.

Distance: 14.3km
Ascent: 298m
Time: 4:00 – 6:00 hours

1. From Yew Tree Cottage turn left and walk up the hill round the bend and then take the public footpath down the track on the left side of the road immediately after Manor Farm.

Walk from Yew Tree Cottage, Turkdean
From the lane at Manor Farm

2. Follow this track down into the valley and follow it through pleasant pasture for 1km until you reach two field gates.

3. Walk past the first gate and after 10m take the second gate to the left and follow the track past a copse on the left on rising ground past a large barn on the left, with a farm on the right until Hazleton village is reached.  

Approaching Hazleton Church
Approaching Hazleton Church

On reaching the mettle road turn right at Priory Farm through the hamlet and past the church and crossing the road towards Hazleton Grove Wood.

Hazleton Grove Wood in Spring
Hazleton Grove Wood in Spring

4. After 1.5km meet the Gloucestershire Way at Salperton Park.

5. Turn right on to this path and follow it past game breeding pens to Farhill Farm after 1.5km.

6. After the farm the path passes through arable land to a field gate in the valley. Pass through and bear ½ right to a second gate after 200m. Pass through and then turn left up the hill to the road after 0.5km.

7. At the road turn left and after 100m turn right after the cricket field on the right taking the road towards Notgrove.

8. After 400m follow the footpath sign left and go diagonally across pasture to a village road. Cross this, enter a second field and walk diagonally to the right on to the road. Walk past the church and follow the Gloucestershire Way signs through a meadow past Shrub Coppice. At the track turn right and after a few metres turn left along a tree lined bridle path for 0.75km until a road is reached.

Round walk from Yew Tree Cottage, Turkdean
Leaving Notgrove for Cold Aston (lambs optional)

9. Turn right and follow this to Cold Aston and take the road to the right marked “unsuitable for motor vehicles” to join the Macmillan Way after 0.5km.  (There may be an option here to take on “fuel” at The Plough Inn, provided of course that the pub’s opening time coincides with the walker’s hunger pains and parched throat.)

10. Take this track to the right and follow it for 3km until you reach Manor Farm at Turkdean.

11, Turn left and follow the road through the village to Yew Tree Cottage for a well earned cup of tea and a cake.

Round walk from Yew Tree Cottage, Turkdean
Turkdean “Main Street”

NB: the walk can be shortened by turning right at Hazleton church (at 4 above) and follow the track, then after 350m turn left and after a further 400m turn right and follow the footpath to join the Gloucester Way in the valley leading to Notgrove.

The Yew Tree Round, Turkdean
The Yew Tree Round

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